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Simple, Reliable and Awesome.

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We take care of posting your solo email ad on hundreds of websites .. And Your Website Receives Thousands Of Real Visitors!

* We generally send your Solo Ads out within 72 hours.
  From the moment that your ad will be sent, it can take 7 to 20 days to generate 2500 visits
  Your Ad will NOT STOP when it gets 2500 visits; You may get much more than 2500 visits to your ad!

You will be able to track... 

          - Date of each visit
          - Visitor IP (partial)
          - Referring page and Website
          - Referring websites visits count!
          - You can also save your Ads for future use!

  We Give You REAL Unique Visits..NOT just Clicks!  

* A unique visitor is a statistic describing a unit of traffic - visit - to a Web site,
counting each visitor only once in the specific time frame of the report.
In our case each visit every working session is unique.
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Guaranteed VISITS

Every Viral Solo Ad gets at least 2500 Visits..Guaranteed!

Unique visitors

When a visitor click one ad multiple times in a session, only one visit is registered.

Fast results

From the time that your solo ad is sent, You will get your visits FAST!


Your ad is sent to over 100 different websites offering You the power of advertising diversification.

Save your Ads

You can store up to 100 solo ads on your account that can be reused at any time

Track each visit

Track date, referring website and partial IP of each visit, and the number of visits from each website.

Commission Plan

You earn 35% On Every Purchase made by your Direct Referrals.

Awesome prices

If you are operating your advertising on a budget, or you simply need more time to operate your business, You are in the right place.

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You will get at least 2500 Guaranteed Visits for each Viral Solo Ad that You will send out!

Zero Emails

You will not receive any Solo Email sent from VSAC unless You want to. You can read other members Solo emails from the member area.

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