Viral Solo Advertising January 13, 2015

Albert Tichenor

Viral Solo Ad Co-op is one of my go to ad sources that I use to get quality leads and sales to my Businesses. If you haven't already get your solo now you wont regret it.

Viral Solo Advertising December 28, 2014

Wayne (rustygib:-)

Since my last mailing at VSAC 3 weeks ago I had 2853 visitors and received 29 paid signups in my viral mailer.
Thanks Mark

Viral Solo Advertising December 22, 2014

James Allen

Build Multiple Income Streams & Profitable Downlines In The Most Profitable Programs online
-- Just by Promoting Team Build Explosion!

Viral Solo Advertising December 16, 2014


Thank you nice uncomplicated easy to use site and already get hits

Viral Solo Advertising December 13, 2014


I was a little hesitant at first, but then I decided to give it a try, and I am glad I did.
I am so happy that I found Viral Solo Ad Co-op to promote my prelaunch. I realize that I can get a lot more done now that I won't have to spend so much of my precious time sending out emails.
If you want to reach a lot of people with one mailing this is the way to do it. Awesome!

Viral Solo Advertising December 09, 2014

James Allen

My name is James Allen
Our New Traffic Wave & Viral Solo Ad Co-Op Team
A New Traffic Wave Team Build Community,
I want to let you know that you will never market alone here. We are a team and there is always someone available to help you build your online business.
If you get confused, make sure you go to the across the web group for help. There is almost always someone there who will help you pretty quickly. If no one is there, leave your post and someone will answer your question soon. While you are on facebook, read some of the posts. There are usually some very interesting discussions going on in there.

You can also email me if you need help. I will answer promptly.
Remember, Traffic Wave and Viral Solo Ad Coop is a real business. You are not going to see overnight success but you will see your business growing as long as you do your part.
This Affiliate Traffic Wave Team Building System will point you down the right path. It'll
take you by the hand and lead you to where you've been wanting to go.
Send me a email if you would like to join our solo ad co-op.

Your time is now!


Viral Solo Advertising October 14, 2014


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Viral Solo Advertising October 11, 2014


This site is one of the best I have used for traffic. It always delivers !!

Viral Solo Advertising September 07, 2014


Just launched my Solo Ad and I am very excited to see the outcome. AdPlotter is newly Launched and we need the exposure which this ad can create.

Viral Solo Advertising August 17, 2014


Looking forward to the results from my first co-op campaign. Thanks for offering such a great service!

Viral Solo Advertising August 12, 2014


This is my next ad coop, because the first worked well.

Viral Solo Advertising August 10, 2014

David Russell

THIS is how you get REAL VIEWS to your site. It's great!

Viral Solo Advertising August 04, 2014

Jan Broekhuis

Viral solo ad co-op is the best site for your solo ads!

Viral Solo Advertising July 31, 2014

Phil Roskams

Viral Solo Ad Co-op is fantastic, quality traffic at a competitive price. Over 2500 hits and a 35% opt-in rate. First class

Viral Solo Advertising July 18, 2014

David Russell

These ads are opt in signups just keep coming in.

Viral Solo Advertising July 10, 2014

David Russell

WOW! I'm getting a steady stream of opt ins to my list from just a couple of these solo ad sends. THIS is how marketing is done!

Viral Solo Advertising July 06, 2014

David Russell

Guys, this is fantastic! Send a few of these solos and you WILL get new signups to your program. Then offer to give a solo mailing with guaranteed 2,500 clicks to your members that upgrade...great incentive!

Viral Solo Advertising June 28, 2014

David Russell

These solos are HOT! I recently bought just one to try it, and within a couple days started seeing multiple signup notices daily for several days. I came back for more and got the 10 ad special. You will love the results here!

Viral Solo Advertising June 06, 2014

Joe Freyaldenhoven

If you want to reach a lot of people with one mailing this is the way I do it.
I can tell when the mailing hits within about 20 hours and I see the optins and sales come in.
Works for me. Will Work for you.

Viral Solo Advertising May 26, 2014

Heidi Kirschner

The best way to get views for your program is Viral Solo Ad Co-Op. I am getting out the message to Lose Weight, Rejuvenate and Earn!

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