Viral Solo Advertising July 06, 2014

David Russell

Guys, this is fantastic! Send a few of these solos and you WILL get new signups to your program. Then offer to give a solo mailing with guaranteed 2,500 clicks to your members that upgrade...great incentive!

Viral Solo Advertising June 28, 2014

David Russell

These solos are HOT! I recently bought just one to try it, and within a couple days started seeing multiple signup notices daily for several days. I came back for more and got the 10 ad special. You will love the results here!

Viral Solo Advertising June 06, 2014

Joe Freyaldenhoven

If you want to reach a lot of people with one mailing this is the way I do it.
I can tell when the mailing hits within about 20 hours and I see the optins and sales come in.
Works for me. Will Work for you.

Viral Solo Advertising May 26, 2014

Heidi Kirschner

The best way to get views for your program is Viral Solo Ad Co-Op. I am getting out the message to Lose Weight, Rejuvenate and Earn!

Viral Solo Advertising May 26, 2014


I have used the solo ad services provided by this owner for many years with HUGE success. Its a no brainer for me to use Viral Solo Ad Co-op! Highly recommended!

Viral Solo Advertising May 23, 2014

David Russell

Fantastic deal for this many real clicks to your site. And they will keep on clicking for weeks to come. DONE FOR YOU marketing ROCKS! Love it!

Viral Solo Advertising May 19, 2014

John Fonville

I am so happy that I found Viral Solo Ad Co-op, I can get a lot more done now that I won't have to spend so much time sending out emails.

Thanks again,

Viral Solo Advertising May 19, 2014


Hello Just a short note to say this the best of the best in Soload coop.
Give this your attention!
Thanks John

Viral Solo Advertising May 18, 2014

Helena P.

Viral Solo Ad Coop is great! The amount of clicks I get is amazing...and in just a few days!

Viral Solo Advertising April 30, 2014

David J Ovens

All can say is WOW!
I had 10 referrals to my site within an hour of my ad going out.
Over 50 referrals after 3 Days!
Tremendous Advertising resource, a must for every marketer whether newbie or seasoned veteran.
Thanks Guys!!

Viral Solo Advertising April 22, 2014

Newton Guy Wood III

What a Fantastic Service! Thanks for your help in getting me traffic to my site!Highly Recomended!

Solo Advertising April 22, 2014 SAP


Thanks to ViralSoloAdCoop for
their service!

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